Schedule & Curriculum

The Montessori curriculum encompasses nine basic disciplines.

The four major areas are:

  • Practical Life,
  • Sensorial,
  • Mathematics, and
  • Language

Complementing the four basic areas are:

  • Social Studies (Geography and History),
  • Science,
  • Music,
  • Physical Education, and
  • Art

The materials are designed to purposefully lead the child from simple to complex skills, through his/her individual use of the materials and opportunities for ex-perimentation. The child will work with the materials to develop his/her concen-tration, coordination, social skills, working habits, and oral language development. These skills are necessary to read, write, and calculate.


Toddlers                                  08:30 to 12:30

K Half Day                               08:30 to 12:30

K Full Day                                08:30 to 15:30