Scheduled conferences are held in October and April. Any time you feel it necessary to speak with your child’s teacher an appointment may be made by contacting the Office. Conferences must be arranged in advance. Teachers and Mrs. Tartuce will be available for conferences with parents.

The Pre-school regularly schedules classroom observations. Please ensure that you arrange your observation in advance. Visitors are very welcome. Be sure to contact the Office before entering any classroom.

Pre-school children receive semester reports in December and June. The 1st and 3rd quarters are followed by parent/teacher conferences.
The report includes assessment comments based on the teacher’s observation of the child’s progress and achievements. In the fourth quarter, the parents are advised of the child’s placement for the following year.

Parents are always welcome to help in the class, library, parties, etc. If you wish to be a volunteer, please contact the Office or your child’s teacher for further details.