Our School

About and History

Tip Toe Discovery School is the dream and vision of two individuals, sisters in fact, who want children to be able to learn English while discovering the world through the Montessori and the social constructive methods.

Suzana is a certified Montessori teacher, having taught at Graded for more than ten years. Vera is a business administrator having worked in her own companies and for others. Both are graduates of Mackenzie.

Tip Toe is a Montessori Pre-School for children between ages of 1 ½ to 6 years old. We foster your child’s independence, concentration, care for the environment, and a sense of order and a foundation for learning English and Portuguese as well as math.

Enriching these basic areas are the perceptual motor development centers, art and, music. Computer science is also included in our curriculum. The school setting is a ranch-style home with ample space for classrooms and outside areas to play, garden, observe small animals, and just have fun – “Learning English while Discovering the World” through Montessori.

Discovery, while employing the established American curriculum, transitions its students from a Montessori Method of education to a traditional social constructive methodology. All classes are conducted solely in English, with the exception of Portuguese classes, and Brazilian Social Studies.

Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Computer and Technology, Library Skills, Physical Education, Health and Safety, Music and Art are valuable means towards teaching the English language.

Tip Toe Discovery is a duly accredited school having received its license to operate from the Ministry of Education on September 29th, 1998 (Autorização de Func. Pela Port. DOE de 21 de Setembro de 1998).

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to ensure that our students grow into respectful and highly regarded human beings. We hope to foster self-confident and courteous individuals who will make important contributions to our world.  By establishing a teaching methodology in which students are receptive to new ideas, we intend to expand their creativity and eagerness to learn.  We hope that our instruction of children will develop a solid foundation for their professional achievements.

The mission of Tip Toe’s Montessori preschool is to provide its students with diverse cultural and educational backgrounds and critical perspectives necessary for the adult world that lies ahead of them. We offer our students a full, broad-based American curriculum with a strong academic orientation and a nurturing family atmosphere, considering the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth of each student.

Discovery provides students with a high-quality Elementary and Middle School American program.  We enable educational development from a multicultural perspective offering a qualified and international teacher body. Our supportive and enriched environment encourages free expression, promotes cultural diversity and strengthens self-esteem and independence.  We offer a broad-based curriculum with strong academic orientation and stimulate physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth.