Extra Curricular


Tip Toe Discovery offers a variety of extracurricular programs during the course of the year.  Handouts with specific information (activity description, time, date, fee, etc…) will be sent home.  The choice of program changes each semester and varies upon the number of students who are interested.

Possible activities are:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Cooking
  • Gymnastics
  • Drawing
  • Choir
  • Soccer

Field Trips

Field trips and guest speakers are scheduled throughout the year in order to complement and enrich the contents studied in class. Field trip participation requires a signed authorization slip from parents and a possible fee will be requested in advance.

Field trips are considered regular school days according to our calendar and the Ministry of Education. Should your child not want to attend the field trip, he/she must still come to school or his/her absence will be regarded as unexcused.