Discovery strives to create an atmosphere that will foster independent learning in each classroom. The number of students in each class is kept low to provide for as much individualization as possible. Teachers create a classroom environment that offers structure and organization yet has the flexibility necessary to meet each student’s needs.


The school calendar contains the dates of many Discovery activities, events, and holidays. The agenda will contain the same information and will periodically add new data for a successful planning strategy. On occasion handouts will be sent home as a reminder before an event.
*Dates may alter due to unpredictable circumstances.


It is our belief that positive interaction between teachers and parents strengthens the feeling of support all children need for success in school. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of open communication regarding your child’s progress and behavior in both home and school. For this, Discovery provides each student with a yearly agenda. It is to be taken home and brought back to school on a daily basis. The agenda is a tool to be used as a means of information, communication, and reminders by students, parents, and teachers. Students are responsible for writing down their homework assignments, test dates, and other observations. Comments, questions, and suggestions are encouraged by parents and teachers. Parents must check and sign the agenda each day after their child has completed their task. If no comments or assignments have been given on a specific date, the agenda must still be initialed.

It is important that you are aware of the progress that your child is making. Teachers may contact you prior to the end of a reporting period if he/she has a concern. Report cards are issued at the end of each quarter. Letter grades according to the DPS (Discovery Performance Standards), and Behavior Standards are defined in the tables below. Comments regarding students’ progress and posture are also made on the report cards when necessary.


Parent-Teacher conferences are held at the end of the first and third quarters. Additional conferences can be scheduled by appointment. Communication between home and school is vital to help children reach their full potential in learning. Often, busy schedules limit the time that parents and teachers can share information, so make the most of your conferences.

The school calendar contains the dates of many Discovery activities, events, and holidays. The agenda will contain the same information and will periodically add new information for a successful planning strategy.
*Dates may alter due to unpredictable circumstances.

Field trips and guest speakers are scheduled throughout the year in order to complement and enrich the contents studied in class. Field trip participation requires a signed authorization slip from parents and a possible fee will be requested in advance. Field trips are considered regular school days according to our calendar and the Ministry of Education. Should your child not want to attend the field trip, he/she must still come to school or his/her absence will be regarded as unexcused.

Homework reinforces, enriches and extends work done in class; it also helps students to develop a sense of responsibility and independence. It should be purposeful and important to the student. Please respect the classroom procedures of your child’s teacher.


Textbooks are furnished by the Discovery, and remain the property of the school. Students are responsible for the care of all books entrusted to them and will be charged for loss or damage.


A nutritiously balanced lunch and healthy morning and afternoon snacks are included in the students’ fees. Should a student require a special diet, a written request must be sent to our school nutritionist for necessary arrangements to be made. Meals may be brought from home if particular needs cannot be met.
Parents are invited to join their child for lunch once during the school year. Please make arrangements with the office in advance.

In order to control the presence of outsiders on school grounds, security personnel maintain the gates closed. Only after the person is positively identified by our security guards or cameras will he/she be permitted to enter. We count on your cooperation and sound safety sense when entering our school zone in your vehicle. For your and the children’s safety we encourage you to park in the parking lot. Parking in front of the school obstructs the street vision for drivers leaving the parking lot and creates a dangerous, one-lane “funnel” on an already steep, two-way, public road.


Proper school attire is the responsibility of parents, students, and staff.
General appearance shall be neat, clean, and appropriate for school attendance.
The school offers uniform pieces for summer and winter days that are suitable for gym as well. All clothing articles must be labeled to facilitate the return of lost uniforms. Students not dressed in the school uniform will be given a reminder. On a second occasion, a written warning; and the parents will be notified. If a student dresses inappropriately, his/her parents will be reached and asked to bring adequate attire to the school.